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From the streets of El Salvador to the streets of LA, with no education nor guidance Mr. Aleman found himself entrepreneuring for a living. From selling what he could on the bus to driving one himself, till the opportunity came that brought him on the streets of El Monte, California where he began as an order picker, not ever imagining this would bring him to his calling. Mr. Aleman has always found pleasure in the business doing so, brought him to meeting the Mrs. Aleman, the person who would then give him the reason to continue with his strive.

In 2003, Carlos Aleman and Miriam Aleman founded a family business that with hard work and sweat placed them as one of the top leaders in the industry. Aside from its rapid growth, Mr. Aleman has never forgotten his objective that began it all for him, hustle and customer service!


Botanas Mexico Inc., prides itself on providing high quality goods at profitable
cost, allowing our customers with the same endeavor to succeed.


To distribute our product to leading food establishments and manufacturers
generating job opportunities for his community.

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